6 Common Injuries from Moving

When moving to a new home, especially if you do it solo, without professionals to help you, you have to organize and put your entire life into boxes, while still managing your everyday routine – your job and/or taking care of kids. Packing and transporting your stuff to another location is not only a nag, but can also put your health at risk. These are some of the most common moving injuries, and tips on how to avoid them.

1. Knee Injuries

Heavy lifting and banging a knee or a finger on a random piece of furniture, which is only a matter of time, mostly affect both your lower back and your knees. If you already suffer from a bad knee, use knee braces and pads, as well as furniture sliders, so you do not have to lift heavy objects.

2. Back Injuries

Probably the most common injury when moving is a back strain. And if you are a man or a woman of a particular age, you have probably experienced back pain at least once in your life. Back strains mostly happen due to improper lifting of heavy objects. By default, we tend to lift with our back by flexing our entire torso. This is the exact mechanism when an injury occurs. Instead of that, try lifting by bending your knees.

3. Cuts

Another common injury is getting a cut. The possibilities are endless because there are so many fragile items that need to be packed and transported to another location. To avoid cuts, wrap fragile objects, pack them separately, and mark the boxes. Also, while handling sharp tools be extra cautious and preferably wear gloves.

4. Sprained Ankles

Only a second is needed to make a wrong step and sprain your ankle while carrying a heavy object that is blocking your sight. To avoid this unnecessary complication, be very careful while you are on the stairs. Also, before you grab that chair, clear your path, and wear shoes with a firm grip around your ankles.

5. Broken Toes and Fingers

Broken toes are another common injury while moving. This happens when you drop a heavy object on your foot, or you bang your toe against a piece of furniture. To protect your fingers wear heavy-duty gloves, and for your toes wear closed-toe shoes.

6. Ingual Hernia

Inguinal hernia is an injury that can happen due to lifting heavy objects. It’s a result of muscle weakness and sprain. This is actually a part of the intestines that penetrated through the lower abdomen muscles. In most cases it requires surgery. To avoid hernia, do not lift heavy items by yourself, and wear a special belt for your abdomen and lower back (like bodybuilders) that will give your muscles extra support.

Some general recommendations to avoid injuries while moving are these:

  • Bend in knees, not in waist
  • Keep weight near your body
  • Wear protective clothes
  • Clear your path first

And if you can afford it, to make sure that your moving goes as smoothly as possible – hire professional removalists who will do all the heavy lifting for you