6 Tools Needed For A Successful Move

house moving

Moving to your new house, especially for the first-time home owner, is a happy and at the same time very stressful period in one’s life. Now when you’ve finally found the home that fits you and your family, it is time to pack up your belongings and move into your new place. This is the part where if you are unprepared you can waste a lot of time, energy and nerves. To make the entire process much easier and efficient it is important to make sure you have the right tools essential for a successful move.

1.  Furniture Dolly

Moving day without a dolly can be a total disaster. Not only it can help you transport your heavy furniture from the house to the truck, but it is also a tool that will save your lower back. Picking up heavy stuff can cause a severe injury of your back. Therefore, using a dolly is a must. Make sure that the weight category is adequate so it can carry the heaviest piece you want to transport. Use a lifting truck for boxes and a dolly for appliances and furniture.


2.  Moving Blankets

Moving blankets, on the other hand, will not help you with the heavy lifting, but it will definitely protect your valuable items. You can put a blanket over a box or on the top of the table to prevent it from getting scratched during transport. You can also use it on a couch or a chair to prevent the dust from setting or to protect it from spills. When it comes to wooden furniture such as cabinets, it is not the time to be cheap. Wrap it in a moving blanket to avoid additional costs.

3.  Sturdy Boxes

Overused cardboard boxes can be used for moving blankets, clothes, or towels. However, for packing glass and porcelain items rather opt for sturdy boxes. They have many benefits including lids that will protect your valuable objects. They will also not collapse even if they end up at the bottom of the pile. Even though sturdy boxes are not cheap, investing in them will ensure your items are protected during transit.

sturdy boxes

4.  Ropes and Straps

Moving straps are items most people forget when purchasing moving tools. However, they can be a lifesaver when it comes to transporting heavy appliances and pieces of furniture. The ropes are designed to go around your shoulders while the load goes on the part of the rope between you and the item. This way the weight is evenly distributed, and it appears lighter. Also, if you carry heavy items by using this method, it is less likely that you will suffer from back strain and other related injuries. Moreover, it is convenient for carrying objects down the stairs.

5.  Stair Rollers

If you have a set of stairs in the house, then stair roller is another essential item you need to purchase in order for your packing and moving to go as smooth as possible. It allows heavy furniture and appliances to easily slide down the stairs particularly if they are carpeted. This method will not only protect you from injury but also save you a lot of time and effort. The alternative would be to disassemble the appliance (or a piece of furniture) and transport it down the stairs piece by piece.

6.  Walk Boards

Walk boards are another must-have for preventing injuries while moving. They are actually industrial strength platforms that allow you or professional removalists to move furniture from the house to the moving truck. They are used as ramps for dollies and trucks. It will save you from heavy lifting and prevent ankles from twisting on uneven terrain. If you are a DIY enthusiast, purchasing a walk board might not pay off. Therefore, borrow it from a friend or consider renting.

Besides the listed items, do not forget to buy duct tape, cardboard boxes, ropes, scissors, sticky notes, and permanent markers for packing. For more tips on the tools to use when packing, moving and unpacking, read this article.

The Bottom Line

Moving can be quite stressful, especially if you are not prepared. Before you even start packing make sure you have all the necessities including moving blankets, dollies, hand trucks, walk board, moving straps, sturdy boxes, and stair rollers. These items will save you time, effort, money, and nerves. Some of them are essential for preventing back or joint injury which is quite common while moving.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, you can always hire professional removalists to do everything from packing to heavy lifting for you.