A Brisbane Removalist Can Come in Handy for a Lot More than Just Major Moves

While many people see the advantage of hiring a Brisbane removalist when they’re getting set to relocate to a new home or business space, they often forget about all of the smaller moves that can be made just that much easier with the help of professionals. Just because you don’t have a large number of items that need to be packed and moved, doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from getting some help when moving that over-sized armoire or piano to another room or a piece of equipment across town to your warehouse.

Hiring a Brisbane Removalist for Your Small or Internal Moves is Probably Cheaper than You Think

We understand that everyone is looking to save a buck where they can, but if you take a minute to add up the costs associated with moving a single item to a nearby location or a few items internally yourself, you might be surprised to learn that hiring a Brisbane removalist would cost about the same, maybe even less.

Let’s see, there’s the cost to rent a truck or other equipment you’ll need to do the job, you’ll have to ask someone for help and that means buying lunch and/or drinks after you’re finished, and then there’s the unexpected but not-so-uncommon chiropractor or physio expenses. It’s true, trying to move something that’s big and heavy without the proper equipment or know-how almost always results in an injury of some degree.

The following are just some of the items you may be thinking of moving yourself but that could be moved easily and quickly with the help of an affordable Brisbane removalist:

·         Pool tables

·         Grandfather clocks

·         Pianos

·         Fish tanks

·         Machinery or other equipment


And these are some of the instances when you could use professional moving help, regardless of how small the move may seem:

·         Rearranging furniture in your house? Get help taking larger items to other levels in your home.

·         Need to move machinery or equipment to another area at your business’ location? Why risk injuring an employee when a Brisbane removalist is just a call away?

For more information or a price estimate for your single item or internal move, get in touch with us: 1300 787 934.