Always Entrust a Reputable Removal Company with Over-sized and Valuable Items

Hot tubs, pianos, large art collections and garden sculptures – what do they have in common? They’re all items that no home or business owner should ever try to move on their own. Not only could you seriously injure yourself and/or the family members you enlist to help you, but you could also damage or completely destroy whatever it is that you’re attempting to move. Instead, hire a trusted removal company to move those over-sized items and rest easy knowing that they’re in the best possible hands.

A few things to consider when moving large and valuable items:

1. Make Sure Your Removal Company Offers Insurance:  

At Ready Movers, for instance, we offer a ‘we break it, we fix it’ guarantee. Other companies may offer you optional insurance coverage for a fee, so this is something you’ll want to take into account when choosing a removal company. Whatever the case, make sure you have insurance on those large and valuable items. You will surely regret it if you don’t!

2. Hire an Experienced Removal Company:

If the removal company you’re considering says ‘sure, why not?’ when you ask whether they move over-sized and valuable objects, reconsider who it is that you hire. Companies that have never moved pool tables and pianos before won’t have the proper equipment to do so and won’t know how to go about moving the pieces without damaging them or the buildings they’re moving out of or into. Always go with a company that has experience.

For your upcoming move, don’t risk damaging the large pieces of furniture, art or hot tub you love. Contact Ready Movers for more information on how our team of moving experts can help you move over-sized items like pianos and pool tables safely. Call us today: 1300 787 934.