6 Tools Needed For A Successful Move

Moving to your new house, especially for the first-time home owner, is a happy and at the same time very stressful period in one’s life. Now when you’ve finally found the home that fits you and your family, it is time to pack up your belongings and move into your new place. This is the […]

Selling Your House Checklist

There are dozens of reasons why people decide to sell their homes—it can be that the house is too small for their growing family, the pool is hard to maintain, the relationship went south, they are fighting with neighbors, they got a new job in another city, or want to see their family more often. […]

Professional Tips: How to Pack Fragile Items

It’s an easily feasible scenario – you’ve just packed everything for your move, and then you realize that your favorite vase (or even worse – your late grandma’s vase) or set of plates is completely broken? Remember Monica ‘s healthy relationship with plates?! Now, professional removalists have a few tricks up their sleeve to avoid […]

6 Common Injuries from Moving

When moving to a new home, especially if you do it solo, without professionals to help you, you have to organize and put your entire life into boxes, while still managing your everyday routine – your job and/or taking care of kids. Packing and transporting your stuff to another location is not only a nag, […]

Tips for moving houses with Kids

  Regardless of how superbly organised you are, moving is stressful. So much to do in so little time. Add little people into the equation and the stressometer goes through the roof. While it may be tempting to drop the kids off at Granny’s for a couple of weeks, it’s actually better to involve them […]

Never Underestimate the Power of Labelling Your Boxes

If you’ve found yourself in your new home with a gigantic pile of unlabelled boxes, wondering where to start – it’s now too late to start regretting your lack of enthusiasm and appreciation for box-labelling! Sorry! SO, finally, you’ve come around and realised that proper labelling can save a lot of time even though it […]

Don’t Forget These Little Things When Moving Commercially!

Moving is always stressful business – every homeowner know that. BUT, moving your office brings the stress to a whole new level, not only for you, but your employees as well! The following seven tips should help minimize the negative impact of moving on productivity. Give Your Employees Enough Time to Organize Their Belongings Inform […]

Buying Your First Home for Dummies

  Whether you are a newly-wed couple or someone who has finally decided to say NO to paying a rent, buying your first home is both exciting and stressful! Knowing your budget, selecting a reliable real estate agent, finding a house or apartment that would accommodate you and your family’s needs, and finally – moving, […]

Is Your Garage Stuffed? Here are 8 Simple Ways to Unstuff It!

In most cases, we use our garages as storage units. The last thing you can find in there is a car! Over the years it can get really cluttered, and finding something you need in that pile of… well… crap is often a mission impossible. But where to start? 1.     Decide whether you really need […]

8 Steps to unpack efficiently after moving

A successful move is much more than just getting from A-B. With so much to organise, it’s easy to forget the importance of planning an efficient unpacking process. Here are our quick tips on how to get yourself happy, settled and mess/box free ASAP in your new home. Be organised Break out those lists and […]