Don’t Forget These Little Things When Moving Commercially!

Moving is always stressful business – every homeowner know that. BUT, moving your office brings the stress to a whole new level, not only for you, but your employees as well! The following seven tips should help minimize the negative impact of moving on productivity.

Give Your Employees Enough Time to Organize Their Belongings

Inform your employees that you are planning to move the office to another location on time. This way they will be able to organize their personal belongings, pack stuff they don’t use on a daily basis, and throw away things they don’t need anymore. All this in a way that doesn’t interfere with work.

Inform Your Customers

Make sure to let you customers know that you are moving. The same goes for your suppliers and other associates.

Make a List

Make a list of employees who are going to participate in the moving process and give every one of them a task. Also, make a list of items you are planning to relocate, throw away, donate, or store. Put everything in labeled boxes and inform your movers. If you still haven’t decided which company should do the heavy lifting for you, feel free to contact Red Cliffe Removals.

Prepare the Electronics

The tricky part of moving a company is definitely electronics. Make sure that all the cables are properly detached and systematically packed. Also, you can use bubble wrap to protect computer monitors from breaking. Do not put all the cables from the office in one bag. To avoid mess later on, place all cables from one computer together and assign them the same number you assign to the corresponding computer.

Throw Away Stuff You Do Not Need

Do not keep the stuff you do not need and do not bring it to your new office. If you haven’t used an item/tool in ages, you probably don’t need it – get rid of it.

Make a Plan

Go to your new office and inform the movers where to place the furniture pieces so you do not have to move them afterwards.

Update the Address on the Website and Local Listings

Don’t forget to inform your tech guy to update your address on the website and the local listings and directories.

The Bottom Line

Moving the office can really be a tricky thing, especially if you are not an experienced mover. However, certain steps can make the entire process much smoother.

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