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Why you should use professional furniture removalist

Whether you’re moving your entire house, or just a few items, it’s no overstatement that your choice of removalist will have a lasting impact on your life. Scratches, dents and cracks inflicted on your furniture by careless removalists remain long after moving day is completed. Not to mention the loss or damage of irreplaceable or priceless possessions.

Don’t take chances by simply accepting the cheapest quote. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a quality removalist.

Things to consider when choosing a quality removalist

  1. Experience The best hourly rates don’t necessarily add up to the cheapest price! An experienced removalist might charge a little more per hour, but will move your furniture SO much faster! This is because they KNOW how to load correctly and have long term experience in the field (such as couches) through doorways ”without causing damage. Cheap, inexperienced removalists can be slow and not able to fit your move in one load, costing you breakages or not turn up at all!
  2. Training to a national standard Sadly, the industry has its share of fly-by-night operators that don’t have the necessary training or licences. check if they’re apart of AFRA Australian furniture removal association. Taking a chance on an untrained, unlicensed removalists means gambling with your possessions! Remember, you’re opening the door to these people and trusting with your valuables in your home – at the very least you’re relying on them to show up on the right day and enter your family home! But with this group, breakages and no shows are quite common. Don’t risk it – make sure your removalist has the necessary licences and uses only qualified, full-time employees. (AFRA Australian furniture removal association)
  3. Communication Communication is essential to ensure that your expectations and requirements are clearly understood. That’s why we keep you in the loop every step of the way. And it works both ways – we stay in touch and gather feedback from our clients after their move. This feedback, such as online reviews, follow up calls helps us streamline our processes and figure out new ways to approach things where necessary.
  4. Good back office support In the removals game, timing is everything – it can make or break your moving day plans! Good operation managers in the back office is essential to get the timing right, we have a dedicated operation manager on hand daily for any of your needs.
  5. Guarantee of care A reliable removalist should offer a guarantee of care, such as the Ready Movers’ no-damage guarantee. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that:If anything is damaged or broken while we are moving your house (and with our high level of training and care) we will pay for the repair or replacement cost. Good questions to ask your removalist:
    1. Do you use only trained and qualified, employees?
    2. How long have you been in business?
    3. Do you have public liability insurance, workers comp and or WHS procedures.
    4. How big is your truck for this job? (Make sure the truck is big enough to handle your load no multiple trips)
    5. Do you have the correct equipment, heavy duty trolleys, blankets, tools loading ramps.
Furniture removalist Brisbane and Redcliffe

Ready Movers – a skilled, trained and experienced team of removalists

We’re a Brisbane based removalist company that services a wide range of areas across South East Queensland. See the Areas We Service.

ALL our staff are full-time, trained employees

Choose us to take care of your house, office or furniture removal, and you’re assured that:

  1. We will show up (on time!) on your moving day,
  2. You’ll get quality work from us every time you move,
  3. Your belongings are treated as if we own them (no scratches, dents, and dings),
  4. We KNOW how to move the small things (like tiny antique items) and the large things (including pool tables and pianos),
  5. You’re allowing trustworthy, reliable people into your home or offfice.

Our team of removalists is trained to a national standard.

This means they understand that their job is MORE than just heavy lifting.

And they WILL:

  1. Handle fragile items with care,
  2. Watch out for sharp corners,
  3. Look after your furniture, and
  4. Pay attention and put items where you want them to go.

Wondering what we can move, how much we can move?

We’re equipped to move everything – whether it’s a Lounge, beds or fridge around the corner. Or your whole house or office across Redcliffe, Brisbane (or further).

Got a piano or pool table? We’ll move that too! We have specially trained staff to handle such items.

We have trucks in a variety of sizes – which means we’ve got vehicles large enough for your move.

Our trucks are specifically suited to moving furniture. They are fitted with furniture blankets, removal tie-down straps, and furniture trolleys. All metal parts inside are covered to protect your furniture from scratches. What’s more, they’re fully sealed. So, no water leakage can enter the truck if it’s rainy or dusty on your moving day. Side door access and walk ramps allow for quick loading which means we get the job done fast and efficiently (saving you money on the day!)

Affordable and flexible removal rates

Whether you’re moving a few items around Brisbane or Redcliffe, or relocating your whole household or office across South East Queensland – we have the right size of truck to suit your your move. What’s more, our trucks are specially designed to transport furniture – so you’re confident that your valuables will be transport in truck designed for furniture removal. Our standard home (or office) removal package includes two men and truck on the day, but if your move needs more hands – we’ve got extra men available for you!

Complete control of your moving costs

Tell us how much – or how little -you want us to help. And easily control how much you spend.

On a budget? Why not save some money by packing your own things (see our packing tips), and helping out with the unpacking?


Simply relax and leave it all up to us (at a very reasonable price), or arrange anything in between.

Whatever you decide, you’re sure to feel good about the price – because you only pay for the time that you need!

If you need our help for only an hour – you only pay us for an hour.

Need more help on the day?

We’ll be there for as long as you need us to – we’re flexible enough to work around YOU.

We’ll happily assemble beds, hang pictures or do anything else you need on the day – so you’re settled in quickly and getting on with life!

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