Is Your Garage Stuffed? Here are 8 Simple Ways to Unstuff It!

In most cases, we use our garages as storage units. The last thing you can find in there is a car! Over the years it can get really cluttered, and finding something you need in that pile of… well… crap is often a mission impossible. But where to start?

1.     Decide whether you really need something

Look at all the stuff and think! Do you really need that old bike tire? When was the last time you wore that clothes you’ve packed and left it in your garage? All they do now – is collect dust.

2.     Sort Items

Take boxes and mark them: Keep, Garage Sale, Charity, Throw. If you haven’t used an item for more then three months, it is probably a time to get rid of it.

3.     Garage Sale

If it is something you believe someone would want, put it in Garage Sale box. One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. So why not make a few extra bucks in the process?!

4.     Charity

Clothes you do not wear anymore or toys your kids have outgrown can probably be donated, so put them in your Charity box. Include the stuff you haven’t managed to sell at your garage sale – check whether you can donate to charity.

If you are from Brisbane, check what type of stuff you can donate at Salvos, Lifeline or Red Cross.

5.     Throw

Some things you won’t be able to sell or donate. Broken appliances and the rest of the stuff that cannot be used anymore you will have to throw away. Make sure to properly dispose of small items.

For big items such as furniture, appliances, white goods, electronic waste, bikes, and other kerbside acceptable items, check when the collection date is. Do not forget that stuff should be on the kerb by 6 AM.

6.     Keep – Frequent Use Items

Some antiques need proper handling – and if you’re unsure of how to move these items, Redcliffe Removal can help with internal moves.

Group items into categories to make things easy to find, and assign them areas in the garage

You can also shop for storage options – storage tubs, containers, racks, hooks, shelving, cabinets – you can find these in Bunnings or Ikea. However, do not go on a shopping spree – remember the whole point was to get rid of stuff, not to accumulate more.

7.     Storage

Some items are more keepsakes, rather than practical, and it may be better to keep them away to create a cleaner, less cluttered environment. Redcliffe Removals offers long-term storage for stuff you do not frequently use. If you are interested in this service, read more about storage options. Additionally, Redcliffe works with

8.     Maintenance and Upkeep!

And the last but not least – maintenance. This one is crucial, otherwise you’ll have to go through the entire process again in just a couple of months!