Hit The Ground Running With These Tips When Relocating Your Office

Relocating your office or business is a daunting exercise. Finding the ideal removalist that will ensure your assets arrive safely at their location is one thing. Ensuring the process is seamless, and costly downtime for your operations is minimal, is another. On the other hand there are exciting benefits to a successful office relocation. We have a few tips to help you prepare for the big move, and save precious time and money in the process.


office clean out

Have an enormous office clean out

It doesn’t sound fun; but it’s well worth the effort. Now is the opportunity to sell or donate unwanted furniture and equipment. Most of us have a pile of old phones or modems stuffed in our cupboards. Consider trading them in for new equipment, or donate them to charity rather than paying to move them. Reduce your packing volume and generate cash for these goods, which can go towards the expenses of your move. This is also a good time to arrange cleaning of the furniture and equipment that is moving with you, so you have a fresh, clean new start in your new space.

Hire your office moving company very early

Once you’ve cleared out your unwanted items, get in touch with your removalist as far in advance as possible. Having this critical step in place will aid your marketing efforts in communicating with your consumers exactly when you’ll be moving, and when you’ll be operational again. Use your move as promotional content. Share videos of the process and involve your customers in the excitement (not the drama). It’s annoying for customers to turn up at your doorstep only to find a “sorry we’ve moved” sign. Early appointment of your removalist will help you time your move to perfection, free up time to work on your new office design, keep your customers informed, and ensure you’re on top of the moving costs well in advance.

removalists shaking hands

Choose the right removalist company

Ensure you quiz your removalist not only on cost; but their strategies on relocating a business. Can they guarantee a large operation will be moved on time? How do they handle bulky furniture and costly IT equipment? Companies may have particular offerings that will make your life a bit easier in the transition. Clearly the appropriate insurances need to be in place, and make sure you’re aware of any particular terms and conditions that may affect you.

To pack yourself, or not to pack yourself?

While packing yourself might seem like the more cost effective option, it’s important to weigh up the cost of your time. Sure you could get all the staff on board to throw things in boxes; but you’re paying them for this productivity, so you may as well ask the professionals to handle it. Your staff could be helping you put systems in place ready for the new location, and updating your business details with your new address. Remember, EVERYTHING has to change, make a comprehensive list and keep adding to it.

Website, partner websites, online directories, social media, business cards, letterheads, brochures and promotional items, email signatures, signage…the list goes on.

packing to move a business

Packing to move a business is messy. That’s a fact.

If you decide to pack yourself, avoid scheduling meetings with clients while your office is being turned upside down. While most people will be understanding, it’s not ideal to welcome them into a messy and chaotic office. Maybe you can meet with them over a coffee at another location, or book them in for an exciting tour of your new space.

Consider hiring a professional IT company to pack and move your IT and equipment, and ensure all is connected and in good working order at their destination. Make sure you have the appropriate insurances in place. Avoid trying to sort out all the various cables, leads and cords yourself, or risk damaging your assets by not packing them safely. Leave it to the pros wherever possible.

Transport some essentials early

Divert business phone numbers to your mobile so you don’t miss any valued customers. You might choose to move some essential items to the new location early, so you can set-up critical operations prior to fully ceasing at your old location. Speak to your removals company about what strategy is best for you. It’s easy to underestimate the complexity involved in relocating an office. Hiring a team of professionals to handle your packing and moving will help reduce angst and stress on you and your staff, and save you valuable time and money in the long run.

Tossing up whether or not to make the move?

It’s a big decision and a huge undertaking, so we don’t blame you. Perhaps you need to upsize, or downsize, maybe you need a better, and more collaborative modern workplace design; but you’re overwhelmed by the idea. If you’re considering a move, it’s because you’ve identified a need. If you give yourself ample time and enlist the help to make it as painless as possible, you’ll soon be enjoying a better space for your business. Staff get excited about a move. A change is as good as a holiday. Build morale, and breathe some fresh excitement into your workplace culture. There’s no time like the present.


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