How to Avoid Dents, Dings & Scratches When Moving Furniture


Moving the contents of your house to a new location is a large enough task without having to worry about getting everything from point A to point B without damage. Here are some tips from our furniture removal team to help ensure your belongings stay free from scratches and dents during the move.

1. Hire Furniture Movers

Of course, this may not be an option for everyone, but if you have the opportunity to entrust your move to an experienced and reputable furniture removal team, that’s the best way to guarantee your household items arrive safely at their new destination. They will have the training and experience necessary to pack and transport items with care.

2. Wrap Furniture Legs

If at all possible, remove the legs on your tables, sofas and chairs before moving them. Taking the legs off of furniture not only allows you to pack items into a moving truck more easily, but it also reduces the chances of scratching or breaking the legs during the move. If you can’t remove the legs, be sure to wrap them carefully in bubble wrap, making sure that you do not tape directly to the wood as this, too, can cause damage.

3. Wrap Mirrors in Cardboard

It’s obvious that mirrors can break rather easily, but they can also get scratched. Protect them by wrapping with cardboard or placing them in boxes if they’re small enough.

4. Use Your Blankets for Padding

Instead of packing your blankets and other bedding into boxes, use them to wrap and pad furniture that could easily be scratched during a move. It’s a good idea to use blankets as padding in between items that will be stacked in the moving truck, as they can easily shift during the move and cause damage.

For your next move, remember these easy packing tips and protect your furniture from damage. Remember that the best way to ensure a safe and hassle-free move is to hire reputable furniture movers. For information on our services and rates, please call us: 1300 787 934