How to Decipher a Professional Storage Company from a Warehouse with Shoddy Management

As a company that provides moving services, we hear the horror stories all the time; people who are charged exorbitant amounts in hidden fees for their moves, belongings that are lost and broken, and movers who are late or just plain lazy. When it comes to storage solutions, Brisbane residents also experience more than their fair share of horrors. In particular, individuals and businesses often decide to place their belongings in a so-called professional storage facility only to learn that it’s little more than a run-down warehouse where the safety or security of their things is the last thing on the company’s list of priorities.

Here, we’ve included some things you’ve absolutely got to look for when it comes to storage solutions in Brisbane, or any place for that matter:

·         Does the storage facility actually belong to the moving company and is it located on their property?

·         Is the facility climate controlled?

·         Is the building sealed and able to prevent dust or vermin from getting in and at your belongings?

·         Are you able to see your stored goods? How will you be given access?

·         Are there security measures in place?

·         Is the facility insured? Who insures it?

·         What is the company’s reputation in your community?

It’s amazing how many companies out there are doing little more than claiming to offer professional storage solutions. Brisbane residents and business owners should feel reassured that their belongings are in capable hands, not worried that their things might not be there the next time they visit or that they’ll be damaged.

When you’re shopping for a facility, look for or ask about the things mentioned here and you’re sure to find a safe place for your items. At Ready Movers, we put the safety and security of our clients’ belongings at the top of our priorities. We provide our clients with access to their goods but require them to make an appointment beforehand, ensuring only they have access to their unit.

For more information on our safe and secure storage solutions, Brisbane residents should call us on 1300 787 934.