How To Make Moving A Breeze With The KonMari Method


Moving house. Is there anyone (apart from us) who actually looks forward to it? There are a lot of factors that go into a move, so much to organise, so much to clean, so much to pack. Why do we have so much STUFF in our homes? There are a couple of key things you can do before you bring in the boxes, that can make your move much less difficult and stressful. Dare we say, you might even find it enjoyable….

The KonMari method is improving mental states, cleaning up homes, and saving movers around the globe. Marie Kondo is a best-selling author, organising consultant, and lifestyle expert who is known as “the most organised woman in the world.” She has sold over eight million copies of her books in more than forty countries. Not bad huh? She developed the KonMari decluttering movement which draws on the idea of minimalism, and surrounding yourself only with the items that bring you joy.

So, before you go un-joyfully throwing every dusty old item in your house into boxes, make yourself a cuppa, (or a vodka, whatever you need), and allow yourself some time to follow the KonMari method for a tidier, happier, cleaner move, with less stress, and less boxes.

Before you start the process, we recommend creating a floor plan of your new home. This will help you decide what items of furniture and large items you’ll keep, and what to discard before your move. Mark on your floor plan where the items of furniture will go. On moving day, give your removalist a copy of the floor plan, and you’ll be amazed at how speedy and organised your move will be. Check out this great floor planner we found, where you can draw up a plan and even decorate and furnish the rooms.

The KonMari Method

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First, commit yourself to the process and imagine your ideal lifestyle at your destination. Is it neater, less cluttered, more organised? The philosophy behind the process is to make minimalism and joy a state of mind as you thank belongings for their service, and let them go if they no longer spark joy. It’s about decluttering your life, not just your things.

Sometimes we hang on to clutter because we feel guilty for money wasted, or we worry that we’ll regret getting rid of something. Tossing those jeans that haven’t fit for years might feel like an admission of failure in the quest to squeeze into them. If those jeans don’t make you feel happy right now, they need to go.

Marie suggests you declutter by items in your home rather than one room at a time. Discard intensely and completely, armed with a detailed decluttering checklist and following its exact order. Make five piles.


Keep: In your minimalist, mindful mental state, consider each item, and keep it only if it makes you happy, and is absolutely necessary.

Throw: Go on…toss them, you can do it. Thank them for their service, and get rid of them. I know it sounds weird to thank your old stuff; but it does help, particularly when some items are a bit sentimental.

Donate: Even belongings in perfect working order may have served their purpose. You don’t have to keep things because they’re ‘still good.’ You’ll feel great donating them so they can find a new home, and bring joy to someone else.

Sell: See what you can sell for a bit of extra cash. There’s almost always some items of furniture, or electronic items that won’t quite fit in your new space. Don’t cart them over to clutter up your new home, get them out of the way before you move.

Store: If you already have storage, or perhaps you’re downsizing. Identify what items you really want to keep; but are not necessarily needed in your new home.

Decluttering helps you both physically and mentally. We feel better when things are tidy and we have more space. Your mind is clearer because you have less stuff to worry about and you’ll be very proud of yourself. Check out Marie’s books to learn more, or take her online Udemy course.

After an intense KonMari clean up, packing your belongings for your new home is so much easier and more relaxed. You’ll have more organised boxes, and time to clean things to ensure they’re like new when they’re unpacked at your destination. Once you settle into your crisp new organised home, you’ll feel more focused, calm, and productive. Thanks to Marie, you too can look forward to a cleaner, neater, more joyful lifestyle in your new abode.


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