Packing and Unpacking Hacks for Moving Day

Moving day is almost here, and all your belongings are scattered all over the place! We’ve all been there, done that. The amount of stress during a move is unbearable, even if everything is going as planned. Besides packing and unpacking, you will have to transport your pet as well. Also, finding someone to watch your kids is definitely not an easy task. However, the best solution is to keep them involved in the entire process. But, if they are too small to help, you will have to hire a nanny. We’ve got some basic packing hacks, but there seems to be a lack of helpful tips for unpacking after a big move. So look no further, we have got everything covered.

Packing and Unpacking Hacks

Packing Hacks!

The most important thing while packing is to be organized. This should be your mantra if you want to avoid confusion and mess during the unpacking process.

You don’t want your things to get lost or damaged. Therefore, plan ahead and stick to your plan. It can be helpful to make a list of all the things you have, especially if they are being transported by a removalist.

Pack to unpack. Label and color code all your boxes. Make sure you have everything prepared—boxes, sticky notes, markers, sharpies, packing tape, and linens or wrapping paper for fragile items. Color-code your boxes, so that every blue box, for example, goes to the kitchen. That way removalists will be able to put every box and piece of furniture in the right room.

Categorize your packing by separating fragile and small objects from sturdy ones so they can be packaged accordingly. E.g., plastic wrap or bags for small screws, wrapping fragile items in extra clothing or linens.

Use strong packing tape (you do not want your boxes splitting apart as soon as you walk out of your house).

Buy portable wardrobe cartons. This is one of the easiest ways to move your clothes. All you have to do is to put it in the wardrobe carton just the way it is, then later put it in the closet of your new home.

Keep all essentials in one carton, so you do not have to dig through your stuff to find the essentials you need the minute you enter the house.

Finally, organize a removalist. You’re not going anywhere with your pile of belongings without a removalist.

organize a removalist

Unpacking Hacks!

Check your inventory or list and make sure everything has arrived and survived the transit between your old home and your new abode. If not, contact your removalist, because according to the contract, you are probably entitled to a refund.

Map out the placement of furniture at your new place. Take into consideration the flow of the floor space and even feng shui. Hand out the map to a removalist service so they can place every piece of furniture in its place. That way you will save yourself a lot of time and energy. Also, you will not need to drag the furniture across the floor, or to ask your friends to help you.

Locate your priority carton and get these essentials put in place, so you do not lose them. This box should contain items required for the first day in your new home—linens, towels, personal hygiene products, and clothes. If you have a baby, include diapers and other essentials.

Sort your cartons starting with the largest items. Set furniture and large objects first according to the floor plan you previously made. Then move to smaller items and clothes.

Go room by room. Do the bedrooms first, so your place to sleep is ready by the end of the day. The next room should be the kitchen. Once the big appliances are plugged in, unpack the smaller ones, utensils, plates, and other items required for meal prepping.

The next room you should unpack is the bathroom because you and your family will have to clean up after a long day. And finally—the living room. This area probably includes the largest pieces of furniture so the removalists will do the most significant part of the job.

Take unpacking seriously, find a place for everything as soon as possible, so you are not left with boxes months after you have moved in. Procrastination is your worst enemy when it comes to unpacking.

This might take a matter of hours or days so recruit any extra people who might be willing to lend a helping hand. Every bit helps! Make a home-cooked meal once you have moved in properly so you can thank them! Let your kids unpack their own stuff. They will be thrilled to decorate their rooms according to their preferences.

Once everything is unpacked and settled, relax in your new house!

relax in your new house!

The Bottom Line

When it comes to packing and unpacking, the most important thing that will set the mood is organization. You have to think ahead. Pack every room separately, and color-code the boxes. Let removalists know your plan so they can place the furniture and boxes in the right room. Once everything is moved, unpack large items first. Do your bedrooms first, then go to the kitchen, bathroom, and at the end– the living room. Take a couple of days off from work, and ask your friends and family members to help you, so you do not end up with unpacked boxes months after moving. At Redcliffe Removals, we will make the hassle of packing and moving feel like a breeze. We have different truck sizes to cater to the number of boxes, and if anything is damaged or lost during your move we will take responsibility for it! To learn more about us and the services we provide click here.