Planning Your Commercial Move: Tips to Get You Started from Trusted Brisbane Movers

For many business owners, just the thought of moving their store, office, warehouse or manufacturing facility to a new location is enough to make them feel anxious. How can you possibly get all of the equipment, files, products and other items your business uses or produces every day from point A to point B without major losses in production time or sales?


Calling Brisbane movers who have experience performing similar types of commercial moves is a good place to start. Don’t forget that if your business uses specialised tools or equipment you will require a mover who owns equally specific types of equipment to transport those items safely, and so not just any moving company will be suitable for the job. With the help of the right Brisbane movers, however, planning and executing your commercial move will be a much more streamlined process.  


A Few Commercial Moving Tips to Get You Started


  • Start looking for professional commercial movers early–the right team of Brisbane movers will make all the difference!
  • Make a list of the items that will be moved, separating those that may require special care or equipment
  • Start to dispose of any items you no longer need or list those that could be stored
  • Set a timeline for your move and delegate tasks that will need to be completed by your staff, before the move
  • Devise a plan for how you can maintain at least some aspect of your business operations while moving; an alternative production schedule, a temporary retail location, or even a slower moving schedule that will allow sales and production to continue as your business’ contents are moved to their new location in stages
  • Host a meeting or meetings with your staff members to discuss the moving schedule and any alternate production schedules so that everyone is on the same page

A commercial move doesn’t have to be stressful, but it does require a considerable amount of careful planning and expertise to execute such a move as efficiently as possible, Of course, moving delays can affect businesses’ bottom lines, and so ensuring it’s business as usual during a move should be the top priority of the movers you hire.


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