Preparing to Move: Get Ready to Move in the Most Stress-free Way Possible with Tips from a Trusted Removals Company

One of the hardest parts of any move is wrapping your head around how it’s all going to happen. Especially when there are time restraints, coming up with a plan for packing, moving and unpacking the contents of your home or business can seem pretty daunting. As a company that performs removals in Brisbane on a daily basis, we know what it takes to prepare for a move in the smartest and most efficient way possible. Check out our tips here:

If you don’t hire a removals company to do it for you, start your packing early

Nothing is more stressful than realising you only have a week to pack all of your belongings before moving to a new home of business location. Resist the urge to put off your packing and you’ll thank yourself later – when unpacking is a straightforward and streamlined process and doesn’t involve you trying to find which unlabelled box or rubbish bag you threw your T.V.’s remote control into, while hastily packing just days before your move, you’ll know it pays to be organized and to take your time with this part of the moving process!

Of course, you won’t be able to pack everything in advance, but it’s a good idea to start packing items you don’t use on a daily basis up to 6 weeks before your move. Tackle your basement or garage first, then move on to the other items in your home or business.

And, finally, the more detailed you are in your labelling of boxes, the more time you’ll save when it comes to unpacking. Label each box according to the room in which the contents belong and list the types of items that are inside. For example, ‘Office: desk contents; stapler, stationary, files and paperweight.’ If you’re really keen to avoid hassle when unpacking, keep a master inventory where you include a numbered list of boxes and their contents. This is also a good idea for insurance purposes.

Collecting packing materials

If you hire a company to do your removals in Brisbane, you can typically purchase all the packing supplies you’ll need, otherwise they’ll probably be included in the cost of your move. If you’re going to do the packing yourself, ask your friends or co-workers to save their boxes, or visit your local grocer and ask them to put produce boxes aside for you. You’ll also need newspaper or actual packing paper, as well as some bubble wrap, so start collecting these items well in advance of your move and there will be a better chance that your things will arrive at their new destination safely.

Send notification for your change of address

To ensure mail isn’t sent to your old address after you’ve moved, notify anyone or thing that may send you mail that your address is about to change. These can include utility providers, financial institutions, magazine subscriptions, alumni associations, friends and family, etc.

Whether you decide to hire a removals company to transport your things to your new location or not, just imagine how stress-free moving day will be when you’re prepared.

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