Pricing Your Move: Tips from Furniture Removal Experts

When you’re getting set to move the contents of your home or business to another location, the cost of professional furniture removal can be a major concern. Not everyone has the luxury of sparing no expense on their move, and some removals companies tack on extra fees wherever they can. So what’s the best way to keep your moving costs on budget? Prepare yourself with this list of considerations from our furniture removal team:

Preparing for the Financial Side of Your Furniture Removal

Knowing beforehand how it is that removals companies price a move or what you can expect to pay for will ensure there are no surprises when the move is finished and you’re handed the bill. Furniture removal prices can vary from company to company but, generally speaking, the following factors are taken into consideration when companies calculate their quotes:

  • the distance from point A to point B
  • the size of the home or business’ contents
  • whether the client is paying to have their packing done for them
  • are there multiple pick-up or drop-off locations, such as storage units?
  • will there be any additional costs involved, such as parking or ferries?
  • is storage required?
  • are there stairs or lifts in either the new or old locations?
  • is there anything that will make it more difficult to access the new or old properties?

And these are just some of the things that can and likely will be accounted for by removals companies.

Shopping Around for Removals Companies

If cost is an issue, it can pay to take a little time and to shop around for the company that can provide you with the services you require for the best price. Most removals companies, like Ready Movers, provide free online estimates, making it quick and easy to find out roughly how much it will cost you to move with a particular company. Do your due diligence and you will be more satisfied with your experience.

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