Reasons People Hire Storage Facilities

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The world has become a much easier and convenient place to live in. You could be on the streets but still have the privilege of storing all your belongings in a storage facility. Whether you need a storage unit because you have too much clutter in your office that can’t be thrown out or to protect a unique investment such as a car; you can benefit from storage units in various ways.

Why you would need a storage unit?

Moving Home

Some time or the other, you may find yourself in between places. Your lease has run out and you haven’t found another place yet. In situations like these, your belongings can become a real burden. You might be able to rely on friends and family to store your belongings at their house however this may only be temporary and overstepping is the last thing you’d want to do. Storing your belongings in a facility is a great way to avoid any drama and to be independent. Many storage facility providers and removalists come to you and deliver a portable storage unit for you to store all your things straight from your home and into the unit. Once everything you need to store has been put away, they take the unit back to their storage facility to store your items until you need it. Storing your belongings has never been more of a piece of cake than it is now, that’s for sure!

Need the Extra Space

In some occasions, you may realise that you simply just need some extra space. Many people living in studios or apartments don’t have enough space to store away items that are not used that often. A storage unit could save you heaps more money in the long-run as opposed to subjecting yourself to pay more in rent for extra storage space. For example, you may be using a portable air conditioner now, however during the winter, an air conditioner becomes a moot product and does not need to be used for several months. You could use storage units to store these items until you require it again.

Protecting Your Valuable Assets

Many people own valuable assets that are too valuable to leave unprotected in your home. You may consider buying or renting a storage unit for your valuable assets. It could simply be a collection of valuable coins worth a lot that you have been collecting for years, or perhaps an antique car, that is only ever used for very special occasions. However, before you do book a unit for something like this, make sure it is worth your while and money. So make sure your investment/asset will actually prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Protecting Your Valuable Assets

Storing Business Related Goods

For someone starting up a small business, they may realise that although their business is starting out small, they still require heaps of equipment and paperwork. Many small business owners end up forking out a lot of money to buy an office with an in-built warehouse or storage unit. However, renting a storage space in a storage facility is definitely more cost saving than looking for a place within your office to store business equipment.

Long-Term Storage

Somewhere down the road, you may need to travel overseas for a few months, maybe even for a few years. If such a scenario does arise, the last thing you’d want is to have to pay rent for your home on top of your overseas travel and living expenses. In situations like these, a storage facility can be a money and life saver. Instead of spending your money on rent, just do you have a place to for your belongings, you end up saving approximately $600 a month depending on your rent and the amount of storage space you require.

Stowing Away Memories/ Relics

Whether you have just experienced your very first Marie Kondo clean or your new items are leaving no room to store your memory bound items, a storage unit is a great place to store your childhood memories. Childhood memories, relics and memorabilia takes up space in not only our room but our hearts. Although you may never revisit those items again, you may be attached to them to throw it away. In which case, hiring a storage unit will help clear up your space and give you the satisfaction of knowing your memories still exist.

How Do I Decide on the Size of Unit I require?

Once you have decided the reason you are hiring/ buying a storage unit, it is important to determine the size of unit you require. Storage units can range in various sizes and depending on where and what you are storing you may require more than just one storage space. Many companies that provide storage facilities have an items calculator on their website where you can list all the items you are packing away and receive a quote for the number/ size of box you need. Alternatively, you could also directly call the company to receive a quote from staff.

Decide on the Size of Unit I require

Deciding on a Storage Facility

Hiring a storage facility/unit can cost anywhere from $50 to $200 a month. Depending on the company and other factors, it is important to select the right storage company for you. If you are looking to move your items straight away or in a couple of days, you might want to consider contacting a removalist company instead of a storage unit company to store and deliver items as it may be a cheaper option. If you are looking for long-term storage or valuable items, a permanent self-storage unit may be ideal for you. And if you are looking to move homes or store relics and other belongings in your home, a portable storage unit service may prove to be very efficient for you.

At Redcliffe Removals we offer removalist services as well as storage services, whether you are looking to move homes and need your items transported or are simply looking to store valuables or other items for a long time, Redcliffe has got all the facilities you need when moving belongings. Contact us today to find out how we can help.