Selling Your House Checklist


There are dozens of reasons why people decide to sell their homes—it can be that the house is too small for their growing family, the pool is hard to maintain, the relationship went south, they are fighting with neighbors, they got a new job in another city, or want to see their family more often. Whatever the case may be, you have to be prepared for real estate market standards. It is difficult to sell a property for a price that will satisfy both parties. However, there are some things you can do to speed up the entire process and make it go as smooth as possible.

The Decision

The first item on your checklist is definitely making a decision to sell.

There are a lot of things to consider when you put your house on the market. This includes:

  • Why you are selling
  • Location, pets
  • The current market
  • Your expectations

Also consider your timing. It is probably the most convenient to sell in the spring because it would be easier to move and the weather is not too hot or cold. Another important thing to decide whether you should buy a new home before or after selling the old one. Do your research not only as a seller but as a buyer as well.



Once you have decided to sell, you need to bust out the brooms and declutter the house. This will make your home more appealing and look bigger. Also, make sure to do all the minor repairs. Even replacing a broken bulb can make a difference. During the open house, leave all internal doors open so that space will appear bigger. Do not forget to clean after your pets or if possible, take them out of the house. You should also pick light colored linens, so the bedroom looks more inviting for the potential new owners. Another trick to make your house look bigger is to temporarily remove certain pieces of furniture. Invest some money in an air freshener, especially if you have pets.

Hire a Good Agent

Hiring a good agent is probably the most important task on the list. An agent will do the marketing, find potential customers, show them around the house, and do all the legal stuff. Of course, these services cost money. Make sure to talk to the agent about his or her fee.

A good agent will evaluate your needs and assess your property in order to sell your house quickly and effectively. They will help you set a price, and you will need to decide on whether you want an auction or private selling. Additionally, make sure to consult with a lawyer regarding the contract of the sale.

hire a good agent


This is where your agent will help you implement online and offline ads. It includes photos, floor plans, and a marketing schedule. You can print flyers, put a sale board outside of the house, or put a paid ad in your local newspaper. When it comes to online marketing, you can put an advertisement on real estate websites. There are many available sites to choose from so it might be worth looking into.


Once your house is on the market, it is time to figure out packing and moving. Make sure you have all the necessities including boxes, permanent markers or sharpies, duct tape, post-its, moving blankets, dollies, stairs rollers, etc. Also, consider the alternative which is hiring professional removalists. Hire the heavy lifters you can rely on. Redcliffe Removals are the removalist you can trust.


Depending on your reason, putting your house on the market can be a tough decision to make. For some people,it takes months, and sometimes years to finally sell the property. But it does not have to be that way. There are some steps you should take in order to make the entire process much easier including cleaning, making minor repairs, choosing the right agent, and doing both online and offline marketing. A good agent will help you determine the price and do all the paperwork for you so. All you have to do is focus on finding a new house for you and your family and plan the move.