Simplify Your Search for the Brisbane Removalist Most Capable of Handling Your Commercial Move

Regardless of the size of the office, shop or retail space you’re getting set to move, a commercial relocation can seem pretty daunting. Not only do you need to move all of the equipment, files, furniture and products that make up your business, but you also need to pack, move and unpack all of the contents with as little disruption to your operations as possible. It goes without saying, then, that there’s a lot of pressure to choose the Brisbane removalist who can get your business from point A to point B in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Consider the following when choosing from amongst the moving companies in your area. The more informed you are about what it takes to do a commercial move properly and in as little time possible, the easier your decision will be.

1. Don’t Ask Moving Companies to do Mass Walk-Throughs

One mistake many business owners make is having a number of moving companies walk through their premises at the same time, assessing the needs of the move and providing an estimate for the work required. While the walk-through idea is often favoured because it’s thought to save time, in actuality, walk-throughs provide less accurate assessments and bids. The fear of tipping off competitors makes moving companies hesitant to ask the questions they need answered in order to provide accurate estimates, and a Brisbane removalist who would normally take their time to provide an in-depth inventory may feel rushed to keep up with others and miss out on the details that will not only ensure an effective moving process but also a more accurate bid. Instead, have your Brisbane removalist candidates walk through your premises one at a time and you will receive a much more precise impression of the moving companies and what they offer.

2. Ask Brisbane Removalist Candidates How Exactly They’ll Move Your Business

Asking the moving companies you’re considering for information on how they propose to pack, transport and unpack the contents of your commercial move will give you a better idea of their experience and whether or not they’re capable of doing the job properly. In particular, ask each Brisbane removalist company about the following:

  • How will they pack and move computers and other electronics?
  • Will employees have to empty their desks, or can the company move desks without disrupting their contents?
  • What insurance cover can they offer?
  • Do they have alternate plans in case they require additional personnel, one of their trucks breaks down or any other delay occurs?
  • What will they do to ensure the buildings themselves aren’t damaged during the moving out and moving in processes?

Taking the time to ask the right questions will ensure your commercial move not only goes off without a hitch, but that there’s as little pause in your business operations as possible.

If you’re looking for a Brisbane removalist with the trained personnel, experience and equipment necessary to guarantee your commercial move is as streamlined as possible, call us on 1300 787 934 for more information.