Stressed For Moving Day? Don’t Make These Top 5 Mistakes

Aside from our good-selves, there are few people that look forward to the task of packing and moving. Whether you’re moving interstate or locally, packing and relocating can be stressful. Many things can go wrong, and it’s difficult to maintain order. You’ve heard our top tips for moving; but it’s just as important to know what NOT to do. Here’s how to avoid some common mistakes that may complicate your move.

stressed for moving


When you have a thorough clean out of unwanted or unused items, you can look forward to a clutter-free existence in your new space. You’ll minimise the volume of items you’re transporting, and save on those costs. No one wants to waste time unpacking items that should’ve been destined for the bin. Hold a garage sale to recoup some cash to go towards your move, and donate the rest to a charity. Try the Kon Mari method on decluttering and discarding unnecessary things.

Leaving packing to the last minute

Most people start out the packing process with good intentions, then become overwhelmed quickly. This leads to the dreaded “throw it all into any old box, i’ll sort it out when we get there” approach. If you’ve decided to DIY pack, you need to be committed. It will save you ample time and stress, and aid the unpacking process. By the time you’re unpacking, you’ll be exhausted. Put in the effort to make this step as easy as possible. This will also aid your removalists, and make for a much easier, and faster move on the day.

label boxes

Failing to list and label boxes

Okay, so you put in the effort to declutter and allowed yourself plenty of time to pack. Everything is boxed as it should be; but you didn’t properly list and label your boxes. When your removalists don’t know which room a box is intended for, they will be scattered everywhere. Then you have the lovely task of opening each box to find their surprise contents, before you proceed to lug them to the correct room. Your boxes should be clearly marked with handling instructions (such as heavy, fragile, or this way up), details of contents, and the room it is to be placed in your new home. Stock up on labeling items such as pens, paper and a snazzy label machine so you’re well prepared.

Choosing the cheap and (not necessarily) cheerful removalist

As with everything, sometimes the cheapest isn’t the best. You might have packed and labeled your boxes perfectly, only to find they’ve been tossed in any old room. Heaven forbid your precious breakables have not survived a rough trip, and you are not covered in your agreement.

Shop around and do your research. Make sure you clearly understand the removalists terms, the conditions of their quote, and how they operate. Ensure your agreement is rock solid, and you’re comfortable with their quality of service.

Packing without thinking: Be mindful of your contents

Most people have packed a very large box full to the brim with very heavy books at least once. Pack heavier items into smaller boxes to ease the strain of lifting, and ensure your box can handle its weight. Packing flammables and other restricted items in your boxes is a no-no. It not only endangers yourself and the removalists, it’s against the law for the company to transport them for you. Living things are also not transportable by removalists. Always check with your removalist which items they can’t transport for you, so there are no surprises on the day.

Leaving the setup of utilities to the last minute

It’s more common than you might think. Depending on your service providers, property location and condition of your property, your utilities may not be able to be connected at the flick of a switch. Even worse, there are occasions where there are faults, or gas and electrical issues that may need to be rectified before you can move in. Contact your service providers well in advance to arrange your utilities, and if you can, check that everything is in good working order well before moving day.

All set for the big move

Now you know both what TO do, and what NOT to do, you’re on your way to planning an utterly seamless, and blissful stress-free move! Of course we can help with that too. We wish you luck, happy moving.


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