The Items Your Removals Company May Not be Able or Willing to Move


There’s nothing like getting organised for your move, having everything packed and ready to go, only to discover that the Brisbane removalists you’ve hired won’t take some of your belongings. In some instances, there are items that a removals company just cannot move safely or even legally.

Things that are Living

Before you ask your Brisbane removalists to take Fluffy or your collection of plants to your new home for you, remember that the moving truck isn’t climate controlled, and depending on the weather, this would not be safe. Legally, your removals company cannot transport anything that is living on your behalf.


Just like pets and house plants, movers can’t transport the food that’s left in your fridge because it can, and undoubtedly will, start to spoil while on route. If you can’t eat up everything that’s in your refrigerator before moving day, you will be responsible for transporting it to your new home.

Personal & Valuable Items

If you can’t imagine giving away or selling your mother’s jewelry, don’t ask a removals company to transport it for  you. The same goes for items like cash, firearms or medications; if there is any risk involved in moving the items or you may need them for health reasons, put them aside and make sure you have room in your vehicle for them. Why take a chance?

Anything Hazardous

Your removals company will not transport items that are corrosive, explosive or flammable, which means that you will need to empty the tanks on your lawn mower, etc. before moving day. Also, if you have anything like fireworks, fertilizer or propane for a barbecue, you will need to make arrangements to transport them to their new location.

It’s always a good idea to confirm which items your Brisbane removalists will and won’t move before the big day. Doing so will eliminate the hassle and stress of having to find a way to relocate all of the items your movers just aren’t able to manage for you.

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