Tips for a Last-Minute Move

Sometimes, a situation will arise where you have little time to pack all of your household or business’ belongings and move them to their new location. A work transfer or short closing on the sale of a house can leave you with a few weeks, sometimes even a matter of days, to get organised for a move. While hiring furniture movers is a great way to alleviate much of the work and stress surrounding your last-minute move, implementing the following tips will certainly help to get you prepared for moving day.

Whether it’s from Moving Companies, Friends or Professional Cleaners, Ask for Help

When you only have a matter of days to get ready, thinking you can pack everything in your home or business on your own is pretty unrealistic. At least, if you want to ensure there’s some sort of order to the packing or that everything arrives safely, calling furniture movers for assistance, or at the very least friends and family members, is the best advice one can given for a last minute move.

When it’s their move, people tend to over-think the packing process and can spend too much time planning where it is that they will put their belongings in their new location. Furniture movers and friends and family members, on the other hand, will simply wrap and pack the items.

Choosing to hire professional cleaners is another way to simplify your last minute move; once everything is moved out, the cleaners can come and get your old place ready for the new owners.

Simplify Your Packing

Now is not the time to come up with a highly-specific packing system. Sure, you want to ensure the unpacking process isn’t a disorganised mess, but pack and label boxes in as straightforward a manner as possible; pack according to room instead of placing similar items, like all of the books you own, in boxes together.

Forget Small Trips, One Big Move is the Way to Go

Packing and taking small loads of stuff over to your new home or business isn’t an efficient use of time. Instead, choose a moving day and rent a truck or hire one of the reputable moving companies in your area and do the entire move in one day.

Donate Whenever & Wherever Possible

When you’re short on time, packing and hauling items that you haven’t used in the last year and aren’t likely to use again seems like a waste of time. Instead, take this opportunity to purge and donate whatever items you’re no longer using on a regular basis.

Before you start to panic, remember that people can and do move on short timelines every day, by using the types of tips I’ve included here. To really simplify your last-minute move, leave it up to the experts and hire furniture movers.

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