Tips for moving houses with Kids


Regardless of how superbly organised you are, moving is stressful. So much to do in so little time. Add little people into the equation and the stressometer goes through the roof. While it may be tempting to drop the kids off at Granny’s for a couple of weeks, it’s actually better to involve them in the process. Moving can be an anxious time for kids as well, here are our top tips to help you manage the juggle, and make moving with kids bearable – maybe even a little bit fun.

Involve your little people in the process

The more you involve your children in the whole process the more comfortable they will feel. Take them house hunting and ask their opinion on the homes you view. Once you’ve decided on the new family home, visit the area frequently with the kids and check out the local parks and shops. Explain clearly when and why you’re moving and help them imagine living in their new home. While you’re busy trying to get organised for the move, they can begin to get excited about a new chapter.


Map out an action plan

You’ll save yourself a world of pain if you create a floor plan of your new home. The kids will love helping you draw it up. Together you can decide which items of furniture are going to go where and literally ‘design’ your new set up. This helps the kids to envisage living in their new home, and you have a plan for your removalists to follow. This makes loading and unloading much faster and more efficient, and saves you from having to rearrange furniture.

Let the kids help

Despite being expert mess-makers, kids do love to be your little helper. Assign them special jobs at each stage of the process. They can help you clean, pack and sort through items to donate, keep or discard. Have an arsenal of things to keep the kids entertained and occupied on standby for when they become bored of giving you a hand.


Make sure you have all the essentials

Pack a (rather large) bag of essential items that won’t be going in the truck. Changes of clothes, favourite toys your kids can’t live without, toothbrushes, nappies, bottles. Anything at all that might make the kids feel unsettled if they can’t find it – keep close at hand. Have the kids bedding packed in a separate easy to access box. Put aside plenty of snacks and drinks for moving day. Tired, hungry kids are no fun.  


Keep them safe on the day

When your removalists arrive to load the truck, keep the little ones out of the way. If possible, take them to the new home to run around in the empty space and treat it all as a great adventure. Kids can get very excited amid all the action of a move and it can be difficult to see them if you’re carrying bulky furniture. When your trusty movers arrive at the new home, keep your kids close to you and clear of the removalists to ensure their safety. If possible, return to your old home so the kids can help you make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. This will also help children accept that their belongings are no longer at the old home.


Set up their space first

Once the removalists are done, help your kids set up their rooms. Let them choose where to put their favourite things and allow them some time to get familiar with their new space. Just as you’ll be suitably exhausted by this stage, so will they. Make their beds so they can easily take a nap if they need to.


House warming treat

Despite all your efforts, your kids may still feel a little sad or emotional about leaving the home that they knew. It helps to arrange a little surprise housewarming gift just for them. Whether it’s a new toy or item of furniture for their room – create an exciting positive experience for them in their new abode.

Good luck

There’s no denying it, moving with kids is tough. You can only do the best you can. Try not to be too hard on yourself and don’t lose your sense of humour. We wish you the best of luck for a smooth move that is as painless as can be.

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