Want to Move as Efficiently as Possible? Create a Floor Plan!


There’s no doubt about it, a stress-free move requires a lot of preparation. Now, when you hire a removalist, you’re passing on a lot of those planning and organisational duties to people who eat, sleep and breathe moving, but there’s still a certain amount of work that only you can do before moving day, if you want everything to go as seamlessly as possible.

Creating a floor plan may seem like a lot of work, but in reality it’s quite a simple step that can and will make a big difference in the furniture removals process. With a floor plan of your new home or business space, you can clearly mark where it is that your furniture should go. Passing this off to your removalist will save you from a tonne of questions on moving day and always speeds up the move in process.

Create a Floor Plan & Make Moving Day a Breeze for Your Removalist & Yourself

There are few things more frustrating than hauling a huge piece of furniture to your new home or office space only to find that it won’t actually fit through the door. By taking the time to measure each doorway and room in your new location before moving day, you’ll save yourself and your removalist from a lot of unnecessary work. You’ll know exactly what there’s room for, what should be donated or moved to storage, and the movers you hire will appreciate having a plan to guide the furniture removals process.

A quick Google search will show you that there are plenty of sites that can assist you in making your floor plan. Or, if you truly enjoy the DIY route, you can take a measuring tape, paper and pen to your new place to measure and record the size of the rooms, noting where doorways, windows and any other obstacles are.

Simplify your move with a floor plan and enjoy a stress-free and efficient moving day. To hire a reputable removalist, call us: 1300 787 934.