What You Should be Doing When Dealing With Removalists


Moving is probably one of the most stressful situations a person can experience, even if you do not have to deal with unplanned issues such as bad weather or damaged furniture. One of the ways to handle all the problems is by hiring professional removalists. Depending on your needs and requirements they can pack your stuff, secure them, do the transportation, and unpacking. You will also be secured from any potential damage. Hiring a professional removalist company can be a major stress relief during the turbulent period of moving. However, there are several potential issues when dealing with removalists. Luckily, most of them can be prevented. For a comprehensive guide on how to properly handle the move, and what you should be doing when dealing with removalists,continue reading.

Do Your Research

Conduct some online research and read the reviews of removalists. When hiring removalists, it is not the time to be lazy. Doing thorough research is a must. Read the experiences of other clients and compare several companies. Your goal here is to make an informed decision.

a better option may be to get a recommendation from a friend. Users will always opt for the company their family members recommend them. That way you can get advice or suggestions on the moving process of the removalist, the contract, and the service in general.

Make sure to check whether the removalist is accredited by the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). The Association is a group of professional removalist whose goal is to regulate the industry. If the company is accredited by AFRA, that means that it has all the necessary equipment, vehicles, and knowledge required for a professional move.

Asking the Right Questions


When contacting your professional removers, it is essential to know what questions you need to ask.

One of those questions is: What is the total cost of the move? What exactly is included in the cost? Do they charge by the hour or is it a flat rate? Is packing included or you have to do it yourself? Also, do not forget to ask what the service includes, and can you pay only for one segment of moving, for example, transportation.

How long will the move take? Also, what will happen if the moving is already scheduled and it starts to rain? Will you have to postpone or it can still be conducted?

If there are any delays on the day, is there an extra cost involved for storage?


Get an Accurate Quote

Insist on a written quote. That way you will know how much every aspect of the service costs.
Make sure the quote is itemized so you will be informed on how much you will have to pay for the packing, transportation, and unpacking. Ask the company if the insurance is included in the price. This is important in case of potential damage or if some of your stuff gets lost. It is essential that everything is clear before you accept the quote and hire the company.

Get a Contract that Clearly Spells out the Agreement

A contract has to include complete details of the services that will be provided such as the pick-up and delivery address, dates and times of the move. Also, inventory of goods being moved need to be included as well as details of insurance. The ideal option is that you do not have to pre-pay anything so you can change your mind at any time. Make sure to look for any hidden costs that might pop up. Once you sign the contract, the deal is sealed. Therefore, make sure everything is clear and transparent.

The Bottom Line

If you are considering hiring a professional removalist company, make sure you conduct a comprehensive research first. Check all potential options online and look for the reviews. However, the best recommendation you can get is from your friends or family members. Once you have found the company that fits your needs, the next step is to ask the right questions.

Asking for a free quote is another important factor in the decision-making process. This allows you to see what service is included and how much every item of the quote costs. Finally, make sure that everything that says in the contract is clear and that there are no hidden costs. One of the most important concerns is what will happen if any of your goods get damaged or misplaced. Therefore, ask if the insurance is included in the price of the service.

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