What Sets Us Apart From the Competition

Whether it is a big or small removals task, you can never go wrong in choosing Ready Movers. Here are some of the reasons why:


  1. We Make Packing a Breeze

    With us on your side, packing your belongings and unpacking it after the move will never be a problem. For clients who choose to pack on their own, we have all the materials needed to make the packing process faster and more efficient. You can also take advantage of our packing tips to speed up the procedure.

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  2. We Make the Entire Process a Success

    More than just heavy lifting, moving involves coordination and a lot of communication between the parties involved to avoid mistakes and damages. Thus, don’t hesitate to approach our friendly team if you have questions and concerns in mind.

    On the other hand, you can guarantee that even without your instruction, we will handle every item with care. From the sturdiest furniture to the most fragile item, your possessions will arrive in one piece. You can also put your mind at ease knowing that we offer a written guarantee.

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  3. We Offer Low Hourly Rates

    Take this scenario for example: you requested for only an hour of packing, but our staff exceeded the required time to pack your belongings. Upon checkout, you will only pay for our low hourly rate—no hidden charges, no excesses.

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  4. We Have Storage Facilities

    Worried about the excess items that won’t fit into your new house or office? We’ll take care of that for you. Instead of throwing them away, you can safely and securely store them in our facilities. We have storage solutions for short-, medium- or long-term plans.

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    Whenever you need a team of dependable removalists, remember our promise to you: Pack, Move, Live. It’s easy, right? Now all you have to do is remember our number—1300 787 934.